Mount Allison University: Policies I–XXII

Policies for J.E.A. Crake Foundation programs supported at Mount Allison University

The J.E.A. Crake Foundation maintains a program of support for on-going programs that focus on study, teaching and scholarship in the humanities at Mount Allison, as well as an annual competition for funds (see below XVIII Projects in the Humanities). All projects are reported on by the appropriate committee or department on an annual basis.

The PDFs linked below are all under 65 kilobytes:

  1. J.E.A. Crake Scholarship
  2. J.E.A. Crake TRHS Award
  3. J.E.A. Crake Performance Award in Drama
  4. J.E.A. Crake Performance Award in Fine Arts
  5. J.E.A. Crake Performance Award in Music
  6. J.E.A. Crake Lecture in Classics
  7. J.E.A. Crake Doctoral Fellow in Classics
  8. J.E.A. Crake Classics Department Grant
  9. J.E.A. Crake Scholarship for Summer Study in Greece, Italy or the Mediterranean
  10. J.E.A. Crake Drama Fellow
  11. J.E.A. Crake Drama Graduate in Residence
  12. J.E.A. Crake Theatre Workshop and Travel Fund
  13. J.E.A. Crake Student Fellowships for Creative and/or Research Projects
  14. J.E.A. Crake Faculty Awards for Creative and/or Research Projects
  15. J.E.A. Crake Foundation William B. Sawdon Award
  16. J.E.A. Crake Arts Internships
  17. J.E.A. Crake Teaching Development Award
  18. J.E.A. Crake Humanities Projects
  19. J.E.A. Crake Concert
  20. J.E.A. Crake Bursary for International Students at Mount Allison
  21. J.E.A. Crake Bursary Fund
  22. ArtsWork Internships

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