XIV. J.E.A. Crake Faculty Awards for Creative and/or Research Projects

The Crake Foundation, established by the late J.E.A. Crake, Josiah Wood Professor of Classics and Head of the Classics Department from 1946 to 1976 offers awards to enable Mount Allison faculty members to engage in creative and/or research projects in the Humanities.

Terms and conditions

  1. The Awards will be made by the Senate Committee on Research and Creative Activity following established procedures.
  2. The Awards are intended to support creative and/or research projects undertaken by teaching members of departments and programs in the Faculty of Arts listed at mta.ca/academics/programs-and-degrees/faculties-and-academic-departments.
  3. No Award will exceed $2000.
  4. The Foundation is prepared to support the cost of travel, accommodation and meals as allowed by University policy and salary/honorarium costs for Mount Allison student research assistants. The grant may not be used to purchase equipment or supplies.
  5. All awards will be expended before the end of the fiscal year (May 1 – April 30) in which the funds are deposited with the university. Any funds remaining in the account after April 30 will be redirected by the Foundation.
  6. Each person granted an award will be given a copy of the biographical information available at jeacrakefoundation.org/jea-crake-bio.
  7. Award holders are required to acknowledge the J.E.A. Crake Foundation in any publications or other works (including art works, musical compositions, plays, conference presentations, lectures etc.) arising from the award received.
  8. All other terms and conditions will be consistent with those set by the Senate Committee on Research and Creative activity for such awards.


  1. The Development Office will, by May 20, provide the Foundation with the following information from the Dean of Arts and the Controller:

    With respect to the awards completed during the previous May–April period:

    1. The name and department of each Award holder.
    2. A brief outline of project.
    3. A budget for the project.
    4. A brief report on work undertaken with the aid of the Award.
    5. A statement from the Controller verifying that the funds in this account were spent in accordance with the terms and conditions stated, and the status of the account as of May 1.
  2. The Foundation will inform the University by January 1 of the funding it will provide for the J.E.A. Crake Faculty Awards for Creative and/or Research Projects for the period May 1 to April 1.

Grant for the J.E.A. Crake Faculty Awards for Creative and/or Research Projects: $7000.

[August, 2023]