XXII. J.E.A. Crake ArtsWork Internships

The Crake Foundation, established by the late J.E.A. Crake, Josiah Wood Professor of Classics and Head of the Classics Department at Mount Allison from 1946 to 1976, offers the J.E.A. Crake ArtsWork Internships which are intended to provide Mount Allison students with opportunities for experiential learning and to enable them to explore career options in the Arts.

Terms and conditions

  1. The internships will be centred at the University Archives or at the Owens Art Gallery, and can be held for one year.
  2. The internships are open to all students at the university who have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.
  3. It is understood that the funding for these positions will not replace funding presently available at the Archives and Owens for student employment.
  4. The Interns, Archives, and Owens Art Gallery, are required to acknowledge the J.E.A. Crake Foundation in any publications or presentations arising from the award received. In addition, the Foundation would appreciate being informed a week in advance of any public presentation resulting from the award.


  1. The internships will be administered by the Director of the Owens and the University Archivist, who will do the following:
    1. Create a project or focus for the Archives or Owens intern for the year by October 1.
    2. Write a job description, advertise the position, interview and hire.
    3. Provide training and mentorship for the intern, and be responsible for other administrative issues — tracking hours, paysheets etc.
    4. Ensure that the Intern writes a short final report to the Foundation, which will be forwarded to the Dean by May 15
    5. Write a short final report to the Foundation on the year’s internship, due to the Dean by May 15.
    6. Provide the intern with a copy of the biographical information available at jeacrakefoundation.org/jea-crake-bio.
  2. The Provost will, by May 20, provide the Foundation with the following information on each student who held the internship in the academic year just completed:
    1. A short final report from the ArtsWork interns.
    2. A short final report from the Director of the Owens and the University Archivist.
    3. A statement from the Controller verifying that the funds in this account have been spent in accordance with the stated terms and conditions, and the status of the account as of May 1.
  3. The Foundation will inform the University by June 30 of the total number of J.E.A. Crake ArtsWork Internships it will fund in the academic year beginning July 1.

The value of each J.E.A. Crake ArtsWork Internship: $2500 (honorarium, $2,000; equipment and supplies, $500).

[January, 2022]