XVIII. J.E.A. Crake Humanities Projects

The Crake Foundation, established by the late J.E.A. Crake, Josiah Wood Professor of Classics and Head of the Classics Department at Mount Allison from 1946 to 1976, offers funding for projects in the Humanities at Mount Allison. The intention in offering the funding is to enhance and enrich the educational and artistic experience of Mount Allison students.

Terms and conditions

  1. The awards are intended to support projects in the Humanities proposed by archivists, librarians, and members of faculty in departments and programs in the faculty of Arts listed at mta.ca/academics/programs-and-degrees/faculties-and-academic-departments.
  2. Funding will be for projects which clearly serve as enrichment and not for those projects which the Foundation understand to be the normal responsibility of the University.
  3. Normally commitments for funding will be for one year only. Previously funded projects may be eligible for funding in subsequent years, but will be considered on a year-by-year basis.
  4. In exceptional cases, the Foundation may be prepared to fund projects for a longer period. Terms, conditions and procedures will be arranged specifically for these projects.
  5. Faculty research and creative activity are not eligible for funding.


  1. Applications are made to the Dean of Arts who will forward these along with any comments to the Provost.
  2. The Foundation’s deadline for receipt of proposals and/or requests for continuation of funding from the Vice-President Academic is November 20.
  3. Proposals should include a description of the project, a clear statement of the anticipated participation of and benefit to students, and a budget which includes information on applications for and/or receipt of funding from other sources. Applicants are encouraged to read J.E.A Crake Mount Allison grants, application guidelines and procedures for further information.
  4. The dean will send the award holders a copy of the biographical information available at jeacrakefoundation.org/jea-crake-bio.
  5. It is expected that funds will be spent in the fiscal year (University) in which they are received unless otherwise arranged.
  6. Reports will be submitted to the Dean of Arts for every year in which the project is funded.
  7. The Provost will, by May 20 of each academic year in which the award is funded, provide the Foundation with the following:
    1. For projects which are not completed: an interim report and a statement from the Controller indicating that any expenditure of funds was in accordance with the terms and conditions stated, & the status of the account as of May 1.
    2. For projects which are completed: a final report and a statement from the Controller indicating that the funds were spent in accordance with the terms and conditions stated, and the status of the account as of May 1. Any funds remaining will be redirected at the discretion of the Foundation.
  8. If further support is sought for any project, a report on the status of the project should accompany the application for continuation of funding in November.
  9. The Foundation will inform the University by December 31 of decisions made concerning applications for project funding.
  10. The deposit of funds will be at a time appropriate to the commencement of each project.

Funding available: varies

[July, 2022]