XXIII. J.E.A. Crake Indigenous Student Award

The Crake Foundation, established by the late J.E.A. Crake, Josiah Wood Professor of Classics and Head of the Classics Department at Mount Allison (1946–76) offers awards intended for Indigenous students at Mount Allison.

Terms and conditions

  1. The Award is available to Indigenous students as identified by University policy and will be administered by the Financial Aid and Awards Counsellor.
  2. The Award is available to returning students in good standing.
  3. Financial hardship will be taken into account.
  4. The Award can be held in addition to other awards, bursaries and scholarships to which the student may be entitled.
  5. Each student who holds this Award for the first time will be provided with a copy of these terms and conditions as well as a copy of the biographical information available at jeacrakefoundation.org/jea-crake-bio.
  6. Award holders are expected to write a short (half page) report which can be forwarded as part of the University’s annual report to the Foundation.


  1. The Awards will be made by the Financial Aid and Awards Counsellor before December 1 in a manner consistent with University policies.
  2. The Financial Aid officer will prepare and forward to the Development Office, a report which will include one sample copy of the letters sent to award holders, a statement of the degree program for each student, reports from award recipients, and a short evaluation of the success/failure of the award program and any suggestions for change.
  3. The Development Office will, by May 20, give the Foundation a copy of the above report and a statement from the Controller verifying that the funds in this account have been spent in accordance with the stated terms and conditions, and the status of the account as of May 1.
  4. The Foundation will inform the University by June 30 of the amount which will be deposited in the fund for the academic year beginning July 1.

Value of the J.E.A. Crake Award fund for Indigenous students, $10,000. Five Awards of $2000 each (2023–2024).

[August, 2023]