Mount Allison grant application guidelines & procedures

  1. J.E.A. Crake Foundation grants to Mount Allison are intended for students registered in, and faculty and librarians who teach in, programs and departments in the Faculty of Arts. Details and exceptions are noted in the policy statements.
  2. Funding is for continuing programs or one-time projects (XVIII) which clearly serve as enrichment and not for activities which the Foundation understands to be the normal responsibility of the University.
  3. The Foundation does not contribute to endowments or other on-going funds.
  4. The Foundation currently (2023) supports twenty-three continuing programs. While applications for new continuing programs, or for one-time project funding (Humanities Projects, XVIII), and proposals for changes to the terms and conditions and/or procedures for established programs, can be made at any time, the final deadline is November 20. Any such proposals will be discussed at the December meeting of the Board of Directors.
  5. Proposals should include: a reference to the category of proposed grant (either on-going or one-time), a description of the continuing program or one-time project, a clear statement of the anticipated participation of and benefit to students, and a budget which includes information on other grants applied for and/or received.
  6. One-time grants (XVIII Crake Humanities Projects) are administered by the Dean of Arts who will inform holders of their administrative and fiscal responsibilities.
  7. Ongoing Foundation programs are administered through established University Committees or through collegial departmental processes. Exceptions are: XV (Sawdon Award), XVI (Arts Internships), and XIX (PA Concert) which are administered by non-departmental committees. The Scholarships and TRHS Awards (I and II) and Bursaries (XX, XXI, XXIII) are administered by the Financial Aid and Awards Counsellor and the ArtsWork Internships (XXII) by the Director of the Owens Gallery and the University Archivist.
  8. Funding for faculty research and creative activity will be considered only in the context of the already established J.E.A. Crake Faculty Awards for Creative and/or Research Projects administered by the Senate Committee on Research and Creative Activity.
  9. The Foundation does not normally fund publication projects.
  10. It is expected that funds will be spent in the fiscal year (University) in which they are received, unless otherwise noted. If there are funds remaining in accounts at May 1, the Foundation will provide only the amount needed to bring the total to the appropriate level, unless otherwise indicated in the policies.
  11. The Controller will report on the status of all Crake accounts as of April 30. It is the responsibility of those who have signing authority for these accounts to speak to the Controller concerning any problems well in advance of this date.
  12. There will be a final or interim report to the Foundation (deadline May 20) on each program or project and if it is evident that the terms and conditions have not been met, funding for that project or program will be reduced or withdrawn. The University is informed each year of the number of programs the Foundation wishes to continue to support, and at what level of funding.